the last of the maui's dolphin
new holland

the last of the maui's dolphin

the last of the maui's dolphins by maria gill, illustrations by bruce potter

a pod of maui’s dolphins warn their youngest member, hiriwa, of the dangers of going near the dark shapes (fishing boats). hiriwa heeds their warning until the day the set net from a fishing trawler catches his friends.

can he save them and not get caught himself?

maria writes an engaging story for young children about the plight of the critically endangered maui’s dolphin, much in the media at present. commercial fishing techniques pose a great risk to the survival of the species, and although the government proposes to extend the marine mammal sanctuary along the west coast of the north island, many people and conservation groups say this is not enough.

this hauntingly illustrated picture book includes a double-page spread with environmental and behavioural facts about maui’s dolphin, its cousin the hector’s dolphin, and what can be done to help them survive.