30 days of courage - enhancing development & cultivating awareness
chris jacques

30 days of courage - enhancing development & cultivating awareness

30 days of courage - enhancing development & cultivating awareness by christine jacques

"this little book’s purpose is to build self-belief, courage and the ability to act upon ones true nature

the more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to negotiate life, relationships, communicating etc. if we know and identify our strengths, vulnerabilities, and our unique qualities, what we value and why, then we are better equiped to deal with this ride called life.

throughout the book the reader is asked to explore a different idea each day and to reflect upon what that idea or statement means to them personally, how it applies to their particular situation and to explore that idea further, noting that experience.

in exploring beliefs in a gentle and private way, the reader will quietly be recognizing resourcefulness, building inner security, trust and self-awareness and these components lead us to authentic inner courage. when we feel better, we behave better, we have more energy and enthusiasm to contribute.

to know yourself, know your own truth, to be ok about exploring your thinking and your beliefs better equips us for all aspects of life, evolves us as a species and evolves us personally as beings.

the aim of this book great wee book is to assist people in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves, in a gentle yet very powerful way." chris jacques

christine jacques has been in professional practice as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist since 2006. with thousands of hours of client time and development experience, she is very familiar with the unfolding process, which is growth. an avid observer of human nature, she has a gentle appreciation of the human condition and seeks to broaden her understanding of the human experience. having over 15 years of professional development experience, she also contributes to magazines, lectures and conducts clinical research. christine shares her time between australia, asia and new zealand.