the heart and the sea
nathan oldfield

the heart and the sea

the heart & the sea is a film for all surfers, regardless of age, gender or board preference. the film celebrates the joy that lies at the very centre of a surfing life: family, friends and a shared intimacy with the sea.

beautifully captured, sensitively crafted and shot on location in australia, new zealand, france & spain, this is a refreshing & enchanting surf film hosting a cast of international surfers that includes; belinda baggs, johnny abegg & clovis donizetti dave rastovich, lauren lindsey hill, alex knost, tom wegener, sage joske, kassia meador, paul joske, ryan burch, chris del moro, matt chojnacki, jared mell & many others.

a nathan oldfield film

by freefilm productions


The Heart & The Sea: Official Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.