hand plane - nz paulownia - whangarei heads

hand plane - nz paulownia - whangarei heads

hand plane for bodysurfing

one of the easiest ways to have fun in the surf

designed to be lightweight, with profiled rails and a buoyancy that's just above neutral. the concave helps to capture the flow of the wave, turning the energy into lift and down the line speed. it also means that a rail is always in contact with the wave face keeping you higher on the wave for longer rides

caring deeply on our impact on the environment the woods used come from sustainably harvested or recycled sources, in this instance locally sourced pawlonia

paulownia is one of the lightest, fastest growing timbers on earth

finished with a naturally water repelling oil & wax blend finish, to enhance and protect the beauty of these hand planes 

handcrafted in nz using traditional woodworking techniques

to pay homage to all those surf life savers that watch over us in summer & that save lives on a regular basis, the colours of these hand planes represent a few of the many surf lifesaving clubs around nz

whangarei heads lifesaving club colours