9ft & single 2015

this is the second year we have had the pleasure to go to the deus 9ft and single, which was yet again sublime and made even better by having the company of a really great crew of south island kiwis.

ambrose & toddy surfed in the comp, were a part of anything & everything and absolutely sucked the marrow out of the event. brad was a star, taking the little known art of surf caddying to new heights in his headband & red short shorts.  On finals night he was also responsible for one of the most incredible dance floor caterpillars ever seen on this planet.

new found friend loz (spread the froth) from ozzie took out the goldfish kick board at old man's at the fish fry and body surfed up a storm in the womp comp. of note loz's "#spread the froth" is a cool and much needed initiative that promotes camaraderie in the surf and it was great to meet briefly with salt gypsy's kiwi born danielle and hear about the recent awesome "surf and social good summit' held in bali aimed at fostering the unifying power of surfing to connect and bring about positive impact globally.

as to be expected, the surfing throughout was just something else to see and apart from cheering on ambrose, toddy & loz, our favourite event was the wahine surfing. brad, dave, ed, lili, jt, tony and i (happily joined by tegan, molly & claudia on the last day) were the official mostly kiwi cheer team. it was a complete blast to be there with such awesome people but credit needs to go to the deus team who share their fabulous hospitality and manakitanga with us all - we are hugely grateful. 

photo annie b @ surfing tribe


two of our favourites

Intimasea from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

a little bit of magic from two of our favourites.

beautiful surfsuits from seea and awesome cinematography by nathan oldfield. 

you can find our beautiful seea collection here

and our nathan oldfield films; seaworthy here 

and the heart and the sea here 

hit the full screen button & enjoy!


single fin mingle

surfing tribe are super stoked to be a small part (women's division prizes & the movie night at the hollywood) of this new but perfectly formed event the single fin mingle, beautifully put together by ambrose mcneill and friends. a beautiful weekend full of logging movies, single fins, a great range of awesome local musical talent, wicked surfing and generally chilled out great fun. check out jono smit's awesome capture of the event below. great people and great weekend!

Single Fin Mingle 2015 from Jono Smit on Vimeo.


seventhwave retro


we think seventhwave make the best, warmest wetsuits on the planet so we're super pleased to be able to bring to you their retro jacket for some sliding warmth and style.

we love the retro jacket - it captures the old school look of a surfing past, with the feel and function of modern materials. made of 2mm yamamoto scs smoothie with n2 underarm gussets, this item is stylishly designed to look good and feel even better.

with a curved shirt tail, full front zip with padding to prevent discomfort on the board, added length in the body and custom silver printing, this jacket is the bomb. wear it with your boards or with a long john when the temp gets a bit cooler.

there's also a sneaky wee boardshort loop on the inside of the jacket to minimise it riding up in the water - what more could you want.

glide in style with this retro-inspired jacket

seventhwave are an awesome nz company based in chch, who have been looking after kiwi surfers in some of the most extreme surfing conditions since 1987. they are the experts on keeping you warm in the water. if you're looking for a full wetsuit, head over to their website at as their custom wetsuits are top quality and they last the distance - we all wear them here and it will be a decision you won't regret. 

seea comes to aotearoa

we are so excited to have the final shipment of the awesome women's surf and ocean wear line seea arrive on the shores of aotearoa, ready for the summer ahead! the team at surfing tribe have been wearing the seea rashies for years now and in that we only stock and sell things we really love, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to sell them on our site. not only do they work super well in the surf, but we love their retro feel and styling. seea was set up by californian surfer amanda chinchelli and another reason why we love them is their ethos and support of women in the sea as the company sponsors a number of women longboarders from around the world.

here's to seea and "a celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing."

Mexico Calling - Seea 2014 Collection from The Seea on Vimeo.




new chatham island robins and nzr cups

we are over the moon to have a beautiful new selection of 2014 chatham island robins and nzr cups by rudolf boelee available. 

about rudolf 

"born 1940 in the netherlands, rudolf boelee immigrated to new zealand in 1963 and has been painting and exhibiting for the past 35 years. boelee draws the inspiration for his works from various sources including science fiction, magazines, popular culture images and film. boelee often employs imagery that, while on one level is seemingly prosaic, an alternative meaning or political vision is often suggested or more obviously stated. "over the last twelve years I have tried to make work that speaks on a personal and universal level. looking backward and forward at the same time. investigating new zealand's recent history in relation to the present." screenprinting has become his media of choice as it allows boelee to work within the realms of constructivism, pop art and design. the geometry, scale and use of colour in his works, as seen in his "nzr cups", "crown lynn modernist vases", "crown lynn swans" and "mr. ge free" means that they can enrich any environment as individual pieces or in warhol-like groups. boelee has been the recipient of several art awards including the coca award in 1998. his nzr cup paintings are represented in countless private and public collections both nationally and internationally including sets of four at the christchurch art gallery te puna o waiwhetu and the university of canterbury."

the chatham island robin

"the black robin or chatham island robin (petroica traversi) is an endangered bird from the chatham Islands off the east coast of new zealand. it is closely related to the new zealand robin (p. australis) and was first described by walter buller in 1872. the binomial commemorates the new zealand botanist henry h. travers (1844–1928). the black robin is a sparrow-sized bird measuring 14–15 cm (5.5–6 in). its plumage is almost entirely brownish-black, with a black bill and brownish-black yellow-soled feet.[1] unlike its mainland counterparts, its flight capacity is somewhat reduced. evolution in the absence of mammalian predators made it vulnerable to introduced species such as cats and rats, and it became extinct on the main island of the chatham group before 1871, being restricted to little mangere Island thereafter."




here is a sweet e.e.c. excerpt treat from one of our fav poets

(with whom we share a common love of the use of lower case letters).


i will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against darkness

- e.e.cummings

 photo annie b @ surfing tribe

sun rising out of the sea - mangamaunu

this saturday night, which also happens to be the beginning of spring, we'll officially launch the surfing tribe site and we're looking forward to the celebration!

at surfing tribe, we want to bring together in one place the things we love.

we're especially wrapt to be able to represent such incredibly talented people to provide you with awesome surf film, music, writings, art, surf wear, kit, handcrafted works, marine conservation, organic, eco friendly items, healing oils, body care and all sorts of other items aimed to enjoy our time here while simultaneously trying to minimise our footprint on this earth.

photo annie b @ surfing tribe


first breath

surfing tribe started life as a facebook page collecting and sharing beautiful images we loved that were all about old school surfing, single fins, surf shacks, the beauty of the ocean, living simply and in sync with the environment.