9ft & single 2015

this is the second year we have had the pleasure to go to the deus 9ft and single, which was yet again sublime and made even better by having the company of a really great crew of south island kiwis.

ambrose & toddy surfed in the comp, were a part of anything & everything and absolutely sucked the marrow out of the event. brad was a star, taking the little known art of surf caddying to new heights in his headband & red short shorts.  On finals night he was also responsible for one of the most incredible dance floor caterpillars ever seen on this planet.

new found friend loz (spread the froth) from ozzie took out the goldfish kick board at old man's at the fish fry and body surfed up a storm in the womp comp. of note loz's "#spread the froth" is a cool and much needed initiative that promotes camaraderie in the surf and it was great to meet briefly with salt gypsy's kiwi born danielle and hear about the recent awesome "surf and social good summit' held in bali aimed at fostering the unifying power of surfing to connect and bring about positive impact globally.

as to be expected, the surfing throughout was just something else to see and apart from cheering on ambrose, toddy & loz, our favourite event was the wahine surfing. brad, dave, ed, lili, jt, tony and i (happily joined by tegan, molly & claudia on the last day) were the official mostly kiwi cheer team. it was a complete blast to be there with such awesome people but credit needs to go to the deus team who share their fabulous hospitality and manakitanga with us all - we are hugely grateful. 

photo annie b @ surfing tribe