organic neem pet shampoo
native neem

organic neem pet shampoo

210 ml

native neem organic neem pet shampoo will cleanse and soothe your pet’s skin. great for hot spots, flea bites, dermatitis and all skin irritations. it works - its natural and its safe! will make your pet’s coat look, feel & smell great after using the neem oil pet shampoo!.

neem oil has been used for centuries in the treatment of skin disorders. our pet shampoo has been specially formulated to clean gently, with no harsh chemicals, soaps, synthetics or waxy thickeners.

the shampoo is pH balanced and contains no sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate. it is 'soap-free' and can be used for flea treatment. it is safe for and effective for pets from 2 weeks of age.

ingredient list;

organic neem leaf**, organic neem oil**, organic virgin coconut oil**, organic castor oil**, basil, olefin sulfonate*, polysorbate 20*, alkyl polyglucoside, lauramide dea, peg-7, glyceryl cocoate*, glycerine, panthenol, sea salt, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (from glycine), fragrance (from natural ingredients), citric acid

*vegetable source

**organic certified 

native neem soaps and shampoos are sulphate, chemical and detergent free. no synthetic colours, fragrance or preservatives are used and they contain no sodium laureath or lauryl sulphate. native neem is a 100% owned nz company.

discovered thousands of years ago, the neem tree is an evergreen, native to India and the medicinal healing properties have been used dating as far back as 4000 b.c. the timeless healing properties have been passed from generation to generation. supported by centuries of use, and modern science, neem is used to treat many skin conditions. many studies in laboratories around the world have documented its efficacy in helping to treat diverse disorders. once exclusive to the eastern world, the western world has experienced and embraced the natural qualities of neem.

the healing properties of neem are spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books. the sanskrit word for neem was “nimba,” which means “good health.” the vedas called neem “sarva roga nivarini”, which means “one that cures all ailments and ills” (panacea). it has also been referenced as “divine tree”, life giving tree”, “nature’s drugstore” and “village pharmacy”.