organic neem pet spray
native neem

organic neem pet spray

125 ml

biogro (new zealand) certified organic

native neem organic neem pet spray is made with certified organic neem oil and produced using the natural emulsifiers, making it chemical free. no synthetic colors fragrance or preservatives used. made with certified organic ingredients. its a great soothing agent for pets to alleviate skin irritation and inflammation.

usage: native neem organic pet spray is for use on pet animals and can assist dogs and cats by soothing minor skin irritation and inflammation. It is safe to a pet's skin and fur. neem is a natural tonic for your pet's skin and fur providing a lustrous problem free cat. it is very effective and safe to use on puppies, kittens and safe to children handling animals.

  • shake well before use.
  • spray on the entire coat to help soothe inflammation and irritation.
  • regular application once a week along with native neem organic pet shampoo is recommended.
  • for external use only.
  • store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

 note this product is acvm new zealand exempted.

discovered thousands of years ago, the neem tree is an evergreen, native to India and the medicinal healing properties have been used dating as far back as 4000 b.c. the timeless healing properties have been passed from generation to generation. supported by centuries of use, and modern science, neem is used to treat many skin conditions. many studies in laboratories around the world have documented its efficacy in helping to treat diverse disorders. once exclusive to the eastern world, the western world has experienced and embraced the natural qualities of neem.

the healing properties of neem are spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books. the sanskrit word for neem was “nimba,” which means “good health.” the vedas called neem “sarva roga nivarini”, which means “one that cures all ailments and ills” (panacea). it has also been referenced as “divine tree”, life giving tree”, “nature’s drugstore” and “village pharmacy”.