muscle magic for pain
meba oil

muscle magic for pain

sensational new blend that promotes relief of pain, for sore, tired muscles, cramping, ligaments, strains, sprains and head aches

use : apply topically to area of treatment, headache around the temples, neck shoulders and scalp
gently massage strains and sprains, contusions i.e. achilles heel, general and period cramping, bruising, aching knees/elbows
apply as needed

olfactory description : musky, bright, striking, white woods

special note: not recommended during pregnancy

this product is 100% natural and contains no chemicals artificial colourings, laurel sulcate, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, aluminium, toxic tagalongs such as parabens or questionable preservatives.

meba oil: the colour of beautiful skin. organic blends made with only plant based carrier oil and therapeutic essential oils for healing goodness inside and out.