organic lavender & sweet orange foaming soap
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organic lavender & sweet orange foaming soap

great for washing out your wetsuit, use as a skin-friendly shaving soap, body wash, for dish washing, car washing, as a pet shampoo, general cleaner - the list goes on. the essential oils in this soap have antibacterial and antiviral properties 

we love this soap - it is a truly multi - use and gentle on your skin and the environment

each bottle contain 300 mls of pure soap - no fillers, no detergents, no colours, no thickeners and should last a 2 person household (with bathroom use ie shaving, showering, handwashing) approximately 2-3 months 

handmade with pure natural ingredients in small batches using fresh taranaki rainwater  organic coconut oil, new zealand avocado oil, organic essential oils of lavender (nz) and sweet orange, rainwater, potassium hydroxide (no residue remains)