evie kemp honeywrap - natural reusable food wrap
evie kemp honeywrap - natural reusable food wrap
evie kemp honeywrap - natural reusable food wrap
evie kemp honeywrap - natural reusable food wrap
honey wrap

evie kemp honeywrap - natural reusable food wrap

 honeywrap is a natural food wrap, a reusable alternative to plastic

handmade in nz with organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin 

small = 18 x 20 cm (twin pack)

medium = 27 x 29 cm (single pack)

large = 33 x 33 cm (single pack)

family pack = one small, one medium & one large 

honeywrap have teamed up with the talented evie kemp for this limited edition summer wrap. this funky, geometric wrap is really different to our other honeywraps and is such a fun change.

evie began her career designing prints and homewares. her artworks can be found in thousands of homes worldwide and have been featured in numerous magazines. over the years, evie has increasingly showcased her passion for applying unique and bold design to all aspects of life, and has recently redirected her business to accommodate this changing focus, making a return to textile design, as well as larger and more exclusive creative project

honeywrap keeps your food fresh while being non-toxic, reducing landfill and our impact on the planet. on top of all this they are easy to use and look way better than plastic wrap in the fridge, on the bbq table or in our kids' lunchboxes.

care instructions: your honeywrap can be used again and again and will last for up to one year by following these simple steps.

how to use:
use the warmth of your hands to shape your honeywrap over food and dishes. the honeywrap sticks to itself when you press firmly over the bowl/ plate. when stored in the fridge the beeswax will harden further, retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness.

how to care for your honeywrap:
when your honeywrap needs a clean always use cold water and mild soap (eco-friendly is best). either immerse your honeywrap in cold water and dish soap or sponge off with a dishcloth. air dry on a dish rack or use a tea-towel to pat dry off. storing in our tea-towel drawer works for us.

some oils and sauces may stain your honeywrap, but your food stays fresh. don't forget that honeywraps' don't like the heat so avoid dishwashers, microwaves and ovens. do not use to cover raw meat.