recycling in canterbury poster
our daily waste

recycling in canterbury poster

recycling in canterbury poster printed on recycled paper

an awesome visual resource and reminder to optimise your recycling efforts!

(applies to residential recycling systems in canterbury maintained by ccc, sdc & wdc)

bought to you by our daily waste 

(please note this is a canterbury specific poster and if you would like one of these posters made for your area please contact our daily waste directly at

our daily waste is a recycling and waste prevention consultancy, specialising in customised recycling signage, event management, and waste education

odw offer innovative practical solutions to any organisation in new zealand wanting to seriously reduce their waste and its impact on our land and co2 emissions

our daily waste is on a mission to eliminate waste in aotearoa and aim to inspire and assist every generation of new zealanders to think about their daily waste, so that one day the refuse, reduce, reuse and repurpose mantra of real waste reduction will be the only way we live our lives.